Legend of Grimrock



Brace of Fortitude
Category: Bracer Weight: 0.1 kg
Effects: Strength +1, Health Regeneration Rate +20%, Food Consumption Rate +20%
This brace is made out of a single solid piece of metal but it feels exceptionally

• Level 5 - Found in secret alcove while traversing western pit room.
• Level 7 - Found in alcove within pit chamber.

Bracelet of Tirin
Category: Bracer Weight: 0.5 kg
Effects: Protection +1, 15% faster cooldown for all actions
A bracelet that is only awarded to the few who can pass the initiation rites of the

cult of Tirin.
• Level 8 - Found in alcove after falling down pit just past the Maze of Shadows on

level 7.

Hardstone Bracelet
Category: Bracer Weight: 0.3 kg
Effects: Protection +1, 20% higher Attack Power, 20% slower cooldowns
A bracelet that the warriors of the hill tribes pass on from generation to

• Level 7 - Found within the Maze of Shadows.
• Level 10 - Found in alcove within secret room in The Caverns area.

Serpent Bracer
Category: Bracer Weight: 0.5 kg
Effects: Protection +2, Resist Poison +50
A bracer fashioned after a venomous tropical snake. The teeth of the snake bite into

the forearm of its wearer.
• Level 4 - Found in alcove past teleporter.
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