Legend of Grimrock



Diviner's Cloak
Category: Cloak Weight: 0.6 kg
Effects: Evasion +5, Energy Regeneration Rate +20%, Food Consumption Rate -10%
A fine cloak woven with fibers that resonate with the faint arcane energies of the

surrounding nature.

Huntsman Cloak
Category: Cloak Weight: 0.8 kg
Effects: Evasion +1, Dexterity +1, Vitality +1
• Level 3 - Behind iron door.
• Level 5 - Behind iron gate.

Scaled Cloak
Category: Cloak Weight: 1.5 kg
Effects: Evasion +8
• Level 5 - Found in secret room near arrival point.
• Level 11 - Found in alcove within secret room reached from pit on level 10.

Tattered Cloak
Category: Cloak Weight: 0.1 kg
Effects: Evasion +2
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