Dungeon Master 2
Legend of Skullkeep

Thorn Demon

These cowlike creatures are your best foodsource.
They drop steaks which give you alot of nutrition.
They are docile creatures unless you attack them or you are in their way.

When you just started they are a fearsome opponent, high HP, and they have knockback so they could knock you into other Thorn Demons or into spots you just cant escape from. The soundtrack alone makes it scary enough to visit these walking piledrivers.

Located: Thicket

Hit Points: 400
Weight: 254

Attack Strength: 50
Armor Strength: 85
Poison Strength: 0

Dexterity: 120
Attack Ferocity: 11
Retreat Ferocity: 8

Magic Resistance: 6
Fire Resistance: 7
Poison Resistance: 8

Special Abilities: Knockback
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