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There are 27 kinds of creatures in Dungeon Master, and many creature generators triggered by walking in the dungeon.

The Dungeon Master Creatures names on this site are those found on page 12 of the Hint Book - Dungeon Master Adventurer's Handbook, which is the official Dungeon Master hint book. The internal names are also the same (they can be found inside the graphics.dat file of both Dungeon Master for PC version 3.4 Multilingual and Dungeon Master for Amiga version 3.6).

You will find all the characteristics and abilities of creatures on Technical Documentation - Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back Creature Details.

Fighting tips:

Open a door, wait for a creature to stand in it, then close it. Most creatures will take damage.
Close a pit, wait for a creature to stand on it, then open it. Most creatures will die by falling.
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