Dungeon Master


Groups: 1-4
Spells: Poison Cloud, Fireball
Item(s) dropped when killed: None
Location(s) (Level, X, Y)(Number of Creatures)

8 Materializers: (11,31,48) (11,36,42) (11,50,38)(2) (11,45,49)(4)
1 Generator: (11,35,26)(1-4)

Note: A 'Weaken Nonmaterial Beings' spell will pass through a Materializer when it is not in a materialized state. However, you can still kill them whith this spell when they are not materialized if there is a wall behind them on which the spell will explode and cause damage to the creature. The 'Disrupt' attack of the Vorpal Blade always works on a Materializer even if it is not in a materialized state.
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