Legend of Grimrock II

Tips & Tricks

In this section, we will try to supply you with some tips and tricks to survive the Isle of Nex.

Underwater visibility and fog
The game's graphics engine really tries to squeeze out the most it can to show you some detailed and gorgeous graphics. However, sometimes it makes things less visible and more difficult to spot.
If you turn the game's graphics settings to 'low', the water will be very clear and you can easily spot hostile creatures from the surface, and you can look further ahead. Making it a benefit to you.
The game will also run quite a bit faster.

Surviving Jump Scares
Some mimics (treasure chests that attack you) really have a habit of making you jump up in your chair.
Just put the lock into the chest, position your pointer on top of the chest, close your eyes and look away and then click. If you hear something, you'll know it's there and time to attack it. If you hear nothing, it's fine. Either way, the jump scare is avoided.

Performance issues
Aside from putting the game to low quality rendering, it may still have a tendency to run slow.
We've tested this game on an AMD with APU onboard, and noticed that the Catalyst Control Center (ccc.exe) can for some unknown reason consume one processor core, which is not related to the game, and it's pretty much unexplained why it does this. If you close ccc.exe in by using your task manager, you can easily free up a processing core and boost the speed of the game.

Low detail map and user interface
We've had this problem as well on an AMD radeon system. Bring up the Catalyst Control Center and go to Games -> Game performance -> Mipmaps and put this to high quality.
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