Legend of Grimrock II


Apprentice Wizard
Cast 25 spells

Extreme Gardening
Defeat the viper roots

Island Master
Enter the Nexus

Hard Boiled
Complete the game with hard difficulty setting

Doin’ It Old School
Complete the game with old school mode

Defeat a monster with a backstab attack

Monster Killer
Kill 250 monsters

Perform 500 melee weapon attacks

Perform 500 missile or throwing weapon attacks

Perform 100 power attacks

Go the Extra Mile
Travel 10000 tiles

Holy Diver
Dive 250 tiles

Master Wizard
Cast 250 Spells

Cast 500 spells

Learn 15 spells

Apprentice Alchemist
Mix a total of 10 potions

Master Alchemist
Mix a total of 50 potions

Identity Crisis
Polymorph 10 times

Secret Spotter
Find 10 secrets

Secret Sniffer
Find 25 secrets

Secret Searcher
Find 50 secrets

Seeker of Secrets
Find all secrets

Booty Addict
Dig up three treasure chests

Treasure Hunter
Dig up all treasure chests

Skull Snatcher
Find 8 skulls

Collect an elemental essence

Master of the Elements
Collect four elemental essences

Chop Chop
Find Bane

Piece of the Pie
Find the pie

Watcher of the Skies
Assemble the Meteor Hammer

Catch 25 fish

Golden Boy
Open 5 gold locks

Max out a skill

Max out three skills

Visit 10 levels

Visit all levels

I Have the Power!
Collect and wear archmage's uniform (4 pieces)

Like a Shadow
Collect and wear rogue's wardrobe (5 pieces)

Shiniest Knight of Them All
Collect and wear full set of Crystal armor (6 pieces)

Hard as a Rock
Collect and wear full set of Meteor armor (6 pieces)

Having a Gneiss Time
Defeat the Summon Stones

Pest Control
Defeat the Ratling Boss

Defeat Herder's Den

Rest in Peace
Defeat the Wormbound brothers

Dragon Slayer
Defeat the Lindworm

Enter the Shrine of Balance

Code Cracker
Open the door to the Archives

Snake Charmer
Enter the Pyramid of Umas

Hallowed Ground
Open the gate to the Cemetery

Castle Crasher
Enter the Castle

Mine Sweeper
Enter the Crystal Mines

Gotta Go Fast
Summon the Viper Roots in under 6 minutes

Full Monty
Kill a monster by throwing pants at it

Reach level 10 with a farmer

Kill a monster with a single blow

Turn off the Heat
Defeat a Magma Golem

Fist Fighter
Deal a killing blow with unarmed attack

Kill a monster by teleporting on it

Insane Ironman
Complete the game with Ironman and Single-use Crystals modes turned on

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