Legend of Grimrock II

Trickster / Leprechaun

This leprechaun (later on referred to as the Trickster) is very agile and lets others do the fighting for him. By opening doors and letting other monsters in, or by opening traps below your feet so you will fall in.

Whenever you're close to killing him, he will vanish.

In the twigroot tunnels, he will fight you by trying to drop you into the pits and opening doors to push monsters at you.

In sleet island, he will pay a nightly visit to the temple of water.

In the wormbound catacombs he will fight you and unleash skeleton warriors at you.

Then one more time in the Barren Desert, he will fight you while you're fighting all other monsters already.

When you kill the boss on top of Castle Nex, he's waiting for you right outside the castle. If you chase him, he will lead you towards the Hub, into the trickster's lair where you can fight him, and learn the truth about him.

Hitpoints: 500
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