Dungeon Master

Level 3


01 Drumstick
02 Cheese, Water, Axe
03 Gold Key
04 Magical Box (Blue), Drumstick
05 Scroll ("Ya Bro creates a magical shield potion"), Scroll ("The spell Oh Ven cast a cloud of poison.")
06 Teowand
07 Small Shield
08 Basinet
09 Leather Jerkin, Leather Pants
10 Empty Flask
11 Rapier
12 Neta Potion, Drumstick
13 Leg Mail
14 Elven Boots
15 Empty Flask
16 Drumstick, Torch, Hosen
17 Bow
18 Gold Coin
19 Horn Of Fear, Empty Flask


I01 "Prepare to meet your doom"
I02 "Don't let a closed door stop you
I03 "Shortcut"
I04 "Shortcut back"
I05 "This is my prisoner. Let him suffer."
I06 "You will regret that."


L01 (25,13) Gold Coin
L02 (28,07) Gold Key


A. A teleporter appears when the button is pressed, and teleports you in front of the door. Run through it before it closes.
B. Creatures cannot pass through this teleporter.
C. This room is a good place to train because it contains a Screamer Generator, and Screamers are easy to kill. It is also a unlimited source of food (Screamer Slices), and you have a fountain downstairs.


01 Rockpile
02 Screamer (4) [Gold Coin]
03 Rockpile (3)[Gold Coin]
04 Giant Wasp
05 Magenta Worm (2) [Gold Coin]
06 Magenta Worm (2) [Gold Coin]
07 Ghost
08 Magenta Worm Generator (2)
09 Magenta Worm Generator (2)
10 Magenta Worm Generator (2)
11 Screamer Generator (2)
12 Rockpile Generator (1)
13 Magenta Worm Generator (2)
14 Magenta Worm Generator (2)
15 Screamer Generator (1-4)
16 Screamer (4)
17 Mummy
18 Magenta Worm (2)
19 Magenta Worm (2)
20 Magenta Worm (2)
21 Magenta Worm (2)
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