Dungeon Master

Level 6

Tomb of the Firestaff


01 Magical Box (Green)
02 Scroll "Fireball Ful Ir. Fire Shield Ful Bro Neta."
03 Scroll "Light Oh Ir Ra. Darkness Des Ir Sar.", Apple, Corn
04 Scroll "The keys to passage lie hidden deep."
05 Magical Box (Green)
06 Ven Potion, Ful Bomb, The Inquisitor
07 Empty Flask (3)
08 Scroll (3)
"Neither Chaos nor Order is truly balanced"

"The Firestaff can restore balance or destroy it."

"The power gem is sealed in the mountain by a strange magical force."

09 Orange Gem, Corbamite, Magnifier
10 Torch
11 Boulder, Rock
12 Empty Flask
13 Water Flask
14 Scroll "Balance is the ultimate good"
15 Ashes, Tourquoise Key
16 Ra Key, Scroll (5)
"I fear for the people of the world should the power gem and the Firestaff get in the wrong hands"

"I have given the Firestaff much power. Power to do and undo. Power to break and mend."

"The Firestaff can contain a being of pure alignment with its fluxcage."

"Once fluxcaged a being can be transmuted by the power of the staff which should always be used for balance."

"Zokathra might create a plasma that could burn through the amalgam encasing the gem."

17 Bolt Blade, Flamebain
18 Magical Box (Green), Crown Of Nerra
19 Boots Of Speed, Dragon Spit
20 Gem Of Ages, Illumulet, Sceptre Of Lyf
21 Winged Key
22 The Firestaff


I01 "The tomb of The Firestaff"
I02 "Danger Enter with caution"
I03 "Clean flasks"
I04 "Notes scrolls formulas spells"
I05 "Sundry supplies"
I06 "Fire elements"
I07 "Earth elements"
I08 "Air elements"
I09 "Water elements"
I10 "Reading room Keep out". This inscription is actually not visible in the game because it is disabled. You can view it in a dungeon editor.


L01 Ra Key
L02 Ra Key
L03 Ra Key
L04 Tourquoise Key
L05 Tourquoise Key
L06 Tourquoise Key
L07 Tourquoise Key
L08 Ruby Key
L09 Ra Key
L10 Master Key
L11 Master Key


01 Stone Golem
02 Stone Golem
03 Stone Golem
04 Stone Golem
05 Stone Golem
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