Dungeon Master

Level 5


01 Drumstick
02 Cheese, Bro Potion
03 Ven Potion
04 Torch
05 Iron Key
06 Iron Key
07 Iron Key, Mail Aketon
08 Iron Key
09 Large Shield
10 Ros Potion, Vi Potion, Drumstick, Torch
11 Magical Box (Blue)
12 Iron Key, Torso Plate
13 Magical Box (Green)
14 Drumstick (2)
15 Yew Staff
16 Casque'n Coif
17 Vorpal Blade
18 Solid Key
19 Corn, Throwing Star (2)
20 Drumstick
21 Mithral Aketon, Slayer (2)
22 Magical Box (Green) (2)
23 Torch
24 Magical Box (Blue)
25 Vorpal Blade
26 Crossbow
27 Chest [Slayer, Water Flask, Drumstick]
28 Mithral Mail


I01 "The riddle room"
I02 "I am all I am none"
I03 "A golden head and tail but no body"
I04 "Hard as rocks blue as sky twinkle in womans eye"
I05 "I arch yet have no back"
I06 "The grave of king Filius explorer of combinations"
I07 "The grave of king Milias the golden who even"
I08 "In death thirsts for bullion."
I09 "If you want to stay alive you better turn and run"
I10 "I hate cowards"
I11 "I don't like to be ignored"
I12 "Test your strength"
I13 "Ha ha ha"
I14 "Altar of Vi"


L01 Gold Coin
L02 Iron Key
L03 Iron Key
L04 Iron Key
L05 Iron Key
L06 Stone Key
L07 Iron Key


A. Each of the four alcoves requires one of these four items: a Mirror Of Dawn, a Gold Coin, a Blue Gem and a Bow. Once three items are in place, the door will open. The fourth item will reveal the hidden alcove.
B. Pull the lever, then put any item on ground in the teleporter (do not throw it) so that it gets at (20,33). The door will then open.
C. You need to press the two buttons at (24,25) and (25,28) to open the wall. The two other buttons are already in the correct state.
D. A skeleton must walk on the pressure pad to open the wall. Leaving an item on floor will not work.


01 Skeleton
02 Wizard Eye
03 Wizard Eye
04 Skeleton (2)
05 Skeleton Generator (4)
06 Wizard Eye Generator (2)
07 Skeleton (2)
08 Skeleton (4)
09 Giant Wasp (3)
10 Skeleton (2)
11 Wizard Eye (4)
12 Wizard Eye Generator (1-4)
13 Skeleton (2)
14 Skeleton (4)
15 Skeleton (1)
16 Skeleton (4)
17 Skeleton (2)
18 Skeleton Generator (1-4)
19 Giant Wasp Generator (1)
20 Skeleton Generator (1)
21 Wizard Eye
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