Dungeon Master

Level 13


01 Copper Coin
02 Silver Coin
03 Silver Coin
04 Copper Coin
05 Boulder
06 Copper Coin
07 Silver Coin, Boulder
08 Ashes
09 Boulder
10 Copper Coin
11 Ashes
12 Ashes
13 Square Key, Ashes
14 Boulder
15 Boulder
16 Ashes
17 Ashes
18 Ashes
19 Copper Coin (3), Gold Coin, Calista
20 Blue Gem, Green Gem (2), Eye Of Time
21 Silver Coin
22 Scroll "Only the touch of the proper spell will free the gem and only the Firestaff can possess it."
23 Copper Coin


L01 Square Key
L02 Gold Coin (2), Silver Coin
L03 Winged Key


A. Cast the spell Zo Kath Ra. Use the spell to free the power gem, then use the Firestaff on it to combine them.
Getting out of this room with the complete Firestaff will activate the pressure pad at (49,39), which toggles two walls on level 12 preventing you from going to the upper levels. You can avoid that by throwing the complete Firestaff through the door to the south before stepping on the pressure plate.


01 Red Dragon
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