Dungeon Master

Level 8


01 Vi Potion (2)
02 Scroll "Lightning bolt Oh Kath Ra"
03 Torch, Apple
04 Magical Box (Blue)
05 Pendant Feral
06 Storm Ring, Torch, Drumstick
07 Vi Potion, Chest [Green Gem, Scroll ("Put the gem back...")]
08 Rope
09 Corbamite
10 Torch
11 Dragon Steak, Corn, Apple, Cheese
12 Empty flask, Scroll "The spell Oh Ew Ra bestows magic vision."
13 Ra Key


I01 "When is rock not rock"
I02 "What is under foot is soon overhead"
I03 "Lighter than a feather"


L01 Corbamite
L02 Skeleton Key


A. "Put The Gem Back" puzzle: Use the lever twice to make the chest fall down the pit and close the pit again. Go downstairs from (08,22,10) and grab the chest. Get back upstairs then again upstairs from (08,23,16). Drop the Green Gem at (07,21,12). This will open the door at (08,21,13). Get back downstairs.
Another solution is to jump in the pit (or Climb Down with a rope) instead of dropping the Green Gem. Then use the green button to open the door.
B. Place items on the pressure plates to trigger the fireballs, and quickly move out of their way. Once each pressure plate is triggered, you can walk across safely. If you play with only two champions, place them in front and turn sideways when the fireballs are shot so that they pass behind your champions.


01 Pain Rat Generator (1)
02 Ruster
03 Vexirk [Cheese, Corn]
04 Pain Rat
05 Pain Rat
06 Vexirk (2) [Screamer Slice, Bread, Apple, Corn, Cheese]
07 Ruster
08 Ruster
09 Vexirk [Skeleton Key]
10 Ruster
11 Pain Rat Generator (1)
12 Pain Rat
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