Dungeon Master

Level 1


01 Club
02 Corn, Apple, Scroll ("Small details can hide great rewards"), Dagger, Falchion
03 Gold Key
04 Topaz Key
05 Leather Boots, Gold Key
06 Elven Doublet, Dagger, Arrow, Torch, Emerald Key
07 Rock
08 Iron Key, Ghi Trousers
09 Solid Key
10 Falchion
11 Torch, Leather Boots
12 Gold Key
13 Gold Key
14 Boulder
15 Gold Key, Apple
16 Apple
17 Rock
18 Iron Key
19 Key of B
20 Scroll ("Casting Vi into a flask creates a serum that heals wounds"), Empty flask (3), Leather pants, Scroll ("Casting Vi Bro into a flask creates a serum for curing poison"), Drumstick
21 Apple, Cheese (2), Torch
22 Gold Key, Throwing Star
23 Copper Coin
24 Torch
25 Chest [Scroll ("Drink these to gain magical defense"), Ya potion (2)]
26 Throwing Star
27 Water
28 Apple
29 Falchion
30 Magical Box (Blue)
31 Buckler
32 Chest [Drumstick, Corn, Cheese, Bread (2), Magical Box (Blue), Scroll ("Des Ven will conjure a poison spell"), Empty Flask]
33 Torch


I01 "Step inside take a ride"
I02 "This wall says nothing"
I03 "To close pit leave a valuable on floor"
I04 "None shall pass"
I05 "This fountain accepts one wish."


L01 Gold Key
L02 Topaz Key
L03 Gold Key
L04 Emerald Key
L05 Iron Key
L06 Solid Key
L07 Gold Key
L08 Gold Key
L09 Gold Key
L10 Iron Key
L11 Key of B
L12 Gold Key
L13 Copper Coin


01 Mummy
02 Screamer
03 Screamer
04 Screamer (4)
05 Screamer (2)
06 Mummy
07 Screamer
08 Mummy
09 Screamer (2)
10 Mummy (3)
11 Screamer (4)
12 Screamer (4) [Torch, Empty Flask]
13 Screamer [Throwing Star]
14 Mummy (4)
15 Mummy (2)
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