Legend of Grimrock


Crowerns are fast-moving bird-like creatures, what could reasonably be called a cross between a crow and a wyvern. Created, no doubt, by a dark magician or deranged alchemist, Crowerns are very aggressive and can be deadly if they manage to surround a party of adventurers.

Attributes: Medium health, medium damage, fast attack speed, fast movement speed, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Crowerns start appearing around Level 3, and are a mainstay throughout most of the remaining game. While not the absolute toughest enemies, they can make up for it in numbers and their sheer speed and aggression. Crowerns tend to hunt in packs, as well, so don't be surprised if attracting one attracts several nearby, or if you end up being followed around by them. Despite their speed, they have relatively low health and can't sustain too much direct damage.
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