Legend of Grimrock

Giant Snail

Overgrown to the point of being dangerous, Giant Snails can be found all over Mount Grimrock. They're huge, and while not extremely aggressive or challenging to fight, are still going to challenge an inexperienced party. A slice of their meat is said to be delicious, at least by those in the adventurer's trade.

Attributes: Very low health, very low damage, slow attack speed, very slow movement speed

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: Snail Slice

Strategy: Giant Snails are the first enemy you'll fight and by far the easiest. They make up most of the threat on Level 1, and appear sporadically in the later parts of the game. Simply bash away at them, and step out of range of their attacks. Their slowness also makes them ideal backstab targets if you have a Rogue in your party. They have a very high chance to drop Snail Slice, one of the game's most filling food items, so stock up on it early.
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