Legend of Grimrock

Green Slime

Green Slimes are large masses of goop. Glowing in the darkness of Mount Grimrock, they aren't especially subtle, but don't mistake their strange appearance for weakness. While not the heaviest hitter, their gelatin-like bodies can absorb large amounts of punishment, and the toxins within them can inflict disease upon attackers.

Attributes: High health, medium damage, medium attack speed, slow movement speed, causes Disease status effect

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Green Slimes appear as early as Level 3/4, in the hidden Slime Dungeon, but more likely you'll begin spotting them around Level 7. They are huge sponges, which means they can take just about all the damage you can deal. As they're slow and hardy, they tend to win by sheer attrition, inflicting Disease on your party members to prevent you from healing them. Try to attack from a distance if possible, as they don't have any ranged attacks.
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