Legend of Grimrock

Shrakk Torr

Giant flies deep in Mount Grimrock, Shrakk Torr are not very deadly on their own, but are still dangerous enough to be cause for concern. Their extremely fast flying and tenacious bites can disorient even seasoned adventurers, as can the sickness those bites often cause.

Attributes: Low health, low damage, very fast attack speed, very fast movement speed, inflicts Disease, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Shrakk Torr appear on Level 9 and become an infrequently-seen enemy from onwards. They are not very tough to fight, and truth be told you will have much bigger threats to worry about by this point in the game. However, their quick speed can make them rather annoying to deal with, as does their tendency to inflict the Disease status effect.
Created on 14, Oct, 2014 by Indy
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