Legend of Grimrock


Wyverns, the larger cousins of Crowerns, are larger and more fearsome. Tinted blue, compared to the reddish brown Crowerns, they are powerful enemies both in melee range and at a distance, thanks to their sharp talons and their ability to launch lightning bolts.

Attributes: High health, high damage, fast attack speed, fast movement speed, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Wyverns are, much like Crowerns, fast-moving predators. Later in the game, around Level 6, you'll start to see a few Wyverns, and later on they're almost guaranteed to show up around packs of Crowerns. Unlike Crowerns, they have a powerful ranged lightning bolt attack, which is extremely damaging and will injure all of your party members. Your best bet is to try isolating a Wyvern from its brood, and then circling around it to prevent it from attacking you.
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