Legend of Grimrock

Skeleton Archer

The ranged counterparts to Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers are equipped with short bows and fire Frost Arrows. Skeleton Archers try to keep a distance and are capable of dodging incoming ranged attacks, employing hit-and-run tactics to keep unwary prisoners on their toes. They are often found in groups of two.

Attributes: Low health, low damage, low attack speed, fast movement speed, immune to poison

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: Frost Arrow

Strategy: Skeleton Archers show up a little while after Skeleton Warriors. Unlike Skeleton Warriors, they aren't quite as tough in a straight-up fight (lacking any sort of shields), but make up for it in their evasiveness. Using ranged attacks can be effective against them, but try to do so only from a moderate distance, as they tend to dodge out of the way if they can. Your best strategy is simply to get up close and whack them upside their skulls a few times. Like Skeleton Warriors, they are immune to poison, so don't bother with it.
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