Legend of Grimrock


Wardens are the most deadly of Mount Grimrock's inhabitants. Massive iron golems tasked with defending the prison against all intruders, they are capable of doing huge amounts of damage in short order. While their iron frames mean they can't move as quickly as some enemies, they make up for this by being able to survive all but the toughest of adventuring parties.

Attributes: Very high health, very high damage, medium attack speed, medium movement speed, attacks sides, charge attack, immune to poison

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Wardens are only found on the final level of the game, and there are only four of them. However, they are also extremely powerful and will take an experienced party potentially a few minutes to tackle. As with all slower enemies, you are best served by trying to circle around them to avoid direct damage, but note that they are also able to attack in a wide arc, even hitting you while you stand to the side. Their charge attack resembles the Ogre's, but it's even faster and capable of killing weaker party members in a single strike, so stay out of its way at all costs.
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