Legend of Grimrock


Uggardians are elemental warriors residing in the lower levels of Mount Grimrock. As fiery, elemental creatures, they favor throwing fireballs at their enemies, and are themselves immune to fire damage. As a flying creature, they can also move over obstacles that other creatures cannot, including pits.

Attributes: High health, very high damage, medium attack speed, fast movement speed, flying

Weaknesses: N/A

Drops: N/A

Strategy: Uggardians appear on Level 6 and become standard enemies through most of the game. While not quite as deadly as they might appear, they are still fearsome creatures. Their reliance on fire is both a strength and a weakness - it makes any fire-based Mage you have almost useless, but throwing a Fire Shield around your party will also make you heavily resistant to the Uggardian's own attacks. Without Fire Shield, however, the fireballs thrown by the Uggardian are extremely deadly, so move around them quickly.
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