Legend of Grimrock II


Quest Items

Power Gem
Weight: 0.2kg
A beautiful gem that radiates light in all the colors of the spectrum

Horn of Summoning
Cooldown: 4.0 seconds
Weight 1.0kg
This horn has a pungent earthy smell.

Ice Guardian Figurine
Weight 0.2kg
This figurine depicts an armor clad spirit covered in icicles.

Snail Figurine
Weight 0.2kg
A crudely carved figurine representing a giant snail - a known delicacy in some parts of the realm.

Ogre Figurine
Weight 0.2kg
Tiny intricate tools have left their markings all over this figurine. They almost look like battle scars.

Skeleton Figurine
Weight 0.2kg
This figurine is crafted out of a single piece of pale bone.

Crowern Figurine
Weight 0.2kg
Even though this figurine is somewhat primitive, the detailing of the feathers is impressive.

Weight 1.0kg
There's an achievement to collect 8 skulls.
Minotaurs can choose to have the trait headhunter, with which they gain +1 strength for each skull carried

Weight 6.0kg
The meteorite is still almost too hot to touch
Found by drawing a line from which the statue heads were looking that saw the meteor fall. Where those two lines cross, you will find this meteorite to dig up.
You can use it in the Crystal Mines to forge a new weapon.
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