Legend of Grimrock II



Turtle steak
Nutrition value: 50%
Weight: 1.0kg

Turtle egg
Nutrition value: 45%
Weight: 1.8kg

Horned fruit
Nutrition value: 15%
Weight: 0.7kg
This fruit has a very strong stinging taste and is commonly found in the southern islands. They are covered with needlelike spikes that can easily pierce the skin and cause an irritating rash

Smoked Sea Bass
Nutrition: 33%
Weight: 1.0kg

Nutrition: 20%
Weight 0.1kg
A delicious mushroom, just waiting to be eaten fresh or dried

Baked Maggot
Nutrition: 30%
Weight: 1.1kg

Lizard on a stick
Nutrition: 20%
Weight: 0.5kg

Warg meat
Nutrition: 50%
Weight: 1.5kg

Toad Tongue
Nutrition: 60%
Weight: 1.5kg

Boiled Crag Beetle
Nutrition: 20%
Weight: 0.5kg

Nutrition: 30%
Weight: 1.0kg

Salted Sausage
Nutrition: 40%
Weight: 1.0kg

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