Legend of Grimrock II



Weight: 0.05kg each
The feathery leaves of Falconskyre reflect the color of the sun in yellow, red and orange lines. Falconskyre is associated with the element of air and dexterity. It prefers to grow in large open spaces.

Blooddrop cap
Weight: 0.05kg each
Blooddrop Cap is a potent ingredient used in many kinds of healing potions.

Weight: 0.05kg each
This delicateunderwater plant is commonly found on shores and riverbeds and sometimes even in the depths of underground lakes. Etherweed is much sought out for the beautiful blue glow of its buds.

Weight: 0.05kg each
This uncommon herb can be found underground and sometimes in damp, shadowy places above ground. The roods of mudwort have an exceptionally strong grip and they are used to treat snake bites. Warriors commonly chew on the roots as it is said to improve their vitality.

Weight: 0.05kg each
This cancerous mass of darkness feeds on living things. It reeks of death and chaos. Only the most potent alchemists dare to handle it.

Mortar and Pestle
Requires Alchemy 1
Weight: 1.0kg
An alchemist tool used to craft potions from herbs

Crystal Flower
Weight: 0.05kg each
A mythical living thing, the Crystal Flower is half plant, half mineral formation. It is extremely fortunate to find even one in a lifetime. Alchemists value them very highly.

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