Legend of Grimrock II



Bronze Brace
Resist Shock -20
Critical Chance +3%
Weight: 0.6kg
The surface of this wristband is covered with tiny runes which are almost too faint to be seen with naked eye
Found in Ruins of Desarune at 04

Brace of Fortitude
Strength +1
Health Regeneration Rate +20%
Weight: 0.1kg
This brace is made out of a single solid piece of metal and feels exceptionally light.
Found in Orul's Crypt at 40

Hardstone Bracelet
Protection +3
Accuracy +10
Weight: 0.3kg
A bracelet that the warriors of the hill tribes pass on from generation to generation.

Leafbond Bracelet
Energy Regeneration Rate +20%
Food Consumption Rate +20%
Weight: 0.3kg
The roots of this bracelet dig into the arm of its wearer, feeding from its host.

Serpent Bracer
Protection +2
Resist Poison +50
Weight: 0.5kg
A bracer fashioned after a venomous tropical snake. The teeth of the snake bite into the forearm of its wearer.
Found in River Tunnels at 03

Steel Armband
Protection +1
Strength +1
Weight: 0.6kg
This simple armband is commonly worn on the battlefield by professional warriors.
Found in Twigroot Forest at 14
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