Legend of Grimrock II



Frostbite Necklace
Resist Cold +50
Weight: 0.2kg
This necklace, made out of Ice Lizard teeth, freezes everything it lays on but feels warm to touch
Found in Twigroot Forest at 07

Amulet of Nergal
Health +50
Weight: 0.4kg
This powerful amulet is imbued with dark forces. The spirits within grant the wearer uncanny powers over death itself.

Gear Necklace
Health +15
Energy +15
Weight: 1.0kg
A heavy, metal machine part from distant past.
Found in Ceremonial Chamber at 15

Neck Chain
Wearer gains immunity to starvation and burdened conditions.
Weight: 2.6kg
The Master craftsmen who built the great pyramids in the Xafi Desert wore these heavy chains around their necks. It is said that the chains were the source of their inhuman constitution.
Found in Lexiconary at 47

Runestone Necklace
Willpower +1
Weight: 0.1kg

Spirit Mirror Pendant
Wearer gains experience points 25% faster
Weight: 0.2kg
The memories of countless heroes, long since dead, have been captured in this shiny pendant.
Found in Flooded Dungeon at 07

Spiritwalker Pendant
Energy +50
Dexterity +2
Weight: 0.3kg
Found in Tomb Underground at 1

Storm Amulet
Willpower +2
Resist Shock +50
Weight: 0.4kg
Found in Pyramid of Umas at 51

Crystal Amulet
Wearer gains immunity to poison, disease, paralysis, slow, blindness and petrify conditions.
Weight: 0.4kg
This amulet was precisely cut from a living crystal. When you place it close to your ear, you can hear a soothing humming sound. The amulet protects its wearer with great magics.

Jewel Pendant
Willpower +2
Weight: 0.7kg
The golden necklace itself would be worth a fortune. The huge amethyst attached to it makes you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
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