Legend of Grimrock II



Tattered Cloak
Evasion +2
Weight: 0.4kg
Found in Twigroot Tunnels at 02 and Forgotten River at 47

Huntsman Cloak
Evasion +4
Dexterity +1
Vitality +1
Weight: 0.8kg
Found in Ceremonial Chamber at 09

Shaman's Cloak
Evasion -2
Energy +30
Weight: 1.5kg
The leaves that adorn this cloak emit a soothing sound when they flutter in the breeze.
Found in Keelbreach Bog at 37 and Flooded Dungeon at 11

Spidersilk Cloak
Evasion +5
Strength -2
Weight: 0.5kg
The fine threads of this cloak seem to blend into the surrounding shadows.
Found in Twigroot Tunnels at 21

Bear Pelt
Vitality +2
Resist Cold +20
Weight: 2.5kg
This cloak, made of mear, skin has a musty smell.

Diviner's Cloak
Energy Regeneration Rate + 20%
Weight: 0.6kg
A fine cloak, woven with fibers that resonate with the faint arcane energies of the surrounding nature.
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