Legend of Grimrock II



Tribal Shield
Evasion +2
Weight: 3.5kg

Thraelm Tribal Buckler
Evasion +2
Energy + 5
Weight: 2.8kg
Judging from the numerous cuts and nudges, this otherwise ceremonial-looking simple shield has definitely been used in many battles

Ancient Shield
Evasion +5
Health -15
Weight: 3.5kg
This shield radiates unholy energy
Dropped by Skeleton

Evasion +2
Weight: 2.5kg
Found in Twigroot Forest at 26

Round Shield
Evasion +4
Weight: 3.5kg
Found in Keelbreach Bog at 12

Heavy Shield
Evasion +6
Weight: 6.0kg
Found in Ruins of Desarune at 20

Pearl Shield
Evasion +5
Energy +25
Weight: 3.5kg
The polished surface of this shield resembles that of a pearl.
Found in Tomb of Rites at 18 and Archives at 13

Shield of the Elements
Evasion +7
Resist All +15
Weight: 7.5kg
A shiny shield that is embossed with the magical symbols of the four elements.
Found in Flooded Dungeon at 08

Meteor Shield
Evasion +7
Resist Fire +10
Weight: 3.5kg
Special Attack: Fire Shield (Requires Concentration 2)
Uses Charges
Energy Cost: 30
This shield is hot as a frying pan but when wielded, the searing heat seems almost enjoyable.

Crystal Shield
Evasion +10
Wearer gains immunity to petrify condition.
Resist Fire +10
Weight: 2.5kg
Special Attack: Heal (Requires Concentration 2)
Uses Charges
Energy Cost: 50
The crystals embedded in this shield radiate with blue light.
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