Legend of Grimrock II



Protection: +1
Weight: 1.0kg

Leather Boots
Protection +4
Weight 2.6kg

Embalmer's Shoes
Protection: +2
Vitality +1
Weight: 1.2kg
Infused with smelly ointments and herbs, these boots help keep an embalmer's feet from tiring out during lengthy rituals.

Reed Sabatons
Light Armor
Protection: +4
Evasion: +2
Evasion -5 without Light Armor proficiency
Weight: 2.6kg
These sabatons are thick and durable but almost as comfortable to wear as a pair of loafers.

Rogue Boots
Protection: +5
Dexterity: +1
Weight: 0.3kg
A skilled thief can move completely silently when wearing these boots.
Found in Hamlet of Stormbreach at 34.

Meteor Greaves
Heavy Armor
Protection: +18
Evasion -10 without Heavy Armor proficiency
Weight: 2.6kg
These massive boots are clumsy but the thick metal will protect its wearer from almost anything.
Found in Wormbound Catacombs at 06.

Crystal Boots
Heavy Armor
Protection: +15
Health +5
Evasion -10 without Heavy Armor proficiency
Weight: 2.6kg
You can feel magical energy flowing from the blue shars of crystal in these boots.
Found in Crystal Mine Entrance at 22.
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