Legend of Grimrock II



Light 2-handed weapon
Damage: 4-12 + Strength
Cooldown: 4.0 seconds
Reach Weapon
Weight: 2.4kg

Tribal Spear
Light 2-handed weapon
Damage: 5-15 + Strength
Cooldown: 3.5 seconds
Reach Weapon
Weight: 1.0kg
Special Attack: Throw
Energy Cost: 10
Throws the item quickly at an enemy.

Zarchton Harpoon
Light 2-Handed Weapon
Damage: 7-22 + Strength
Accuracy: +10
Cooldown: 5.0 seconds
Reach Weapon
Weight: 3.0kg
Special attack: Thrust (Requires Light Weapons 3)
This polearm has two serrated prongs and is a common sight among the aquatic Zarchton warriors since it can be used comfortably both on dry land and while underwater.
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