Legend of Grimrock II

Twigroot Forest

01 - Sign
Twigroot Forest

Containing: Mortar & Pestle, Recipe: Healing Potion

"I see you have made some minor progress. Good, good.
But don't let it get to your head. This is just the beginning. Or it could be almost the end, it all depends entirely on you!

Here is a tool you might find useful. Surely you can figure it out!

The Island Master

02 - Borra

03 - Blooddrop Cap

04 - Borra

05 - Pellets (10)

06 - Blooddrop Cap

07 - Frostbite Necklace.

08 - Sandmole Hide Vest

09 - Sack
Contains: Healing Potion (1), Baked Maggot, Scroll of Poison Bolt

10 - Blooddrop Cap

11 - Round Key Gate
Round Key is located at number 03 in the Twigroot Tunnels.

12 - Sign

13 - Borra

14 - Secret Treasure (use shovel)
Contains: Steel Armband, Gold Key, Shield Potion (1)

15 - Statue Head
This is another way out.

16 - Xafi Robe, Baton, Xafi Shemagh, Blooddrop Cap (1)

17 - Pellets (10)

18 - Borra

19 - Locked Treasure
Requires Lockpicks to open.
Contains: Embalmer's Shoes, Lightning Rod

20 - Secret Treasure (use shovel)
Requires lockpick
Contains: Tome of Leadership

21 - Lever
Opens gate located at 22 to get the Power Gem.

22 - Gate to the Power Gem
opened at 21

23 - Power Gem, Leather Cuisse

24 - Lock Picks (1)

25 - Lever
Opens gate back to the temple.

26 - Locked Treasure
Requires Lockpicks to open
Contains: Buckler, Pellets (10)

27 - Fire Temple
Place 4 powergems on the altar and receive an Essence of Fire

28 - Statue Head
This is the elemental shrine of fire. Fire is the rune of strength, magma and heat. Northwest is whence the forces of fire are strongest.

29 - Statue Head
Hear ye, hear ye, oh traveller of the dark.

Be aware of the elemental shrines. Once houses of light, now refurbished by the masters of the island, the shrines hold the keys to thy survival.

Visit all of them and do what the stone philisophers demand and thee may be granted a way out, if that is what thee most desires.

30 - Statue Head
Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element.

Not all of the gems lay under the skies, some of them are buried deep underground.

31 - Secret Area
This area can be reached from the Forgotten River.
You will need to step into the circle and use the Horn of Summoning to summon the summoning stones.
You will be attacked by 4 stone golems. After defeating them, the door will open.

32 - Deadmoss

33 - Tome of Knowledge

34 - Shortcut, Xafi Khakis
This area is only reachable from the Crystal Mines. Once reached, you can open the door at 36 and keep it open.
When leaving, you will be ambushed by rock golems, should not be a problem for you at this part in the game.

35 - Xafi Robe, Xafi Shemagh, Wooden Box, Button
Box Contains: Pellets (20), Cannonball (5), Sabre, Smoked Sea Bass.
Button opens the door back into the crystal mine. Be careful, stonegolems will spawn.

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