Legend of Grimrock II


Ruins of Desarune Sublevel 2

01 - Pitfall Room
You fall into this room from Archives at 26

02 - Pellets (10)

03 - Sack
Contains: Cheese (2), Pellets (10)

04 - Crystal Shard of Healing (1)

05 - Switch (lower level)
Opens the door which leads to the teleporter that brings you back upstairs.

06 - Switch
Opens the door.

07 - Wooden Box
Contains: Lizard on a stick, Bread, Pitroot bread, Cheese.

08 - Pellets (10), Shuriken (3)

09 - Blackmoss (1)

10 - Rock (1)

11 - Sign
I can walk

12 - Sign
I can't fly

13 - Sign
I'm the strongest

14 - Sign
I'm alive

15 - Sign
The Lexiconary

You need to gather the figurines scattered around this level.

Place the Skeleton Figurine in the alcove next to the I can walk sign at 11.

Place the Snail Figurine in the alcove next to the I can't fly sign at 12.

Place the Ogre Figurine in the alcove next to the I'm the strongest sign at 13.

Place the Crowern Figurine in the alcove next to the I'm alive sign at 14.

16 - Round Key
Dropped by Crab in this area.

17 - Round Keyhole
Use Round Key dropped by Crab in this area.

18 - Secret Button
Opens moveable wall in the room.

19 - Tome of Fire

20 - Crystal Shard of Recharging

21 - Lock Picks (1)
Found on lower level.

22 - Secret Button
Opens moveable wall next to you.

23 - Crystal Shard of Protection

24 - Sign

Put a sword-like weapon in the alcove behind the sign.

25 - Sign

Put a scroll in the alcove behind the sign.

26 - Sign

Put a rock in the alcove behind the sign.

27 - Ogre Figurine

28 - Crystal of Healing

29 - Lightning Rod
When you stand on the pressure plate a lightning bolt will be fired at you. Avoid it or put a shield in front of it.

30 - Teleporter Puzzle
On the other side of the room behind the gates you will see another teleporter. This teleporter is linked to the teleporter on this side of the room.
Note that this teleporter only teleports non organic matter, so you cannot step through it, but items will.
Pressing The button at 31 will move the teleporter from east to west.

Click the button untill the teleporter is in the middle. Now walk to the teleporter on your side and place an item on the floor inside it.
This will transport the item on the pressure plate on the other side.
Leave the teleporter on the same position and stand south of it. Now throw an item through it. The item will land on the second pressure plate.

Now press the button untill the teleporter is all the way east. Now walk north of your teleporter and throw an item through it again. The item will land on the third pressure plate and open the gate on the west side of the room.

31 - Button
Switches the location of the teleporter on the other end of the room.

32 - Crowern Figurine

33 - Secret Button
Opens the wall at 34

34 - Rock, Moveable wall

35 - Blooddrop Cap, Secret Button
Opens 2 moveable walls containing skeletons. Also closes the moveable wall you came from. So press it again to go back.

36 - Morning Star

37 - Lizard on a Stick

38 - Secret Button
Teleports you into a room with 3 walking treasure chests.

39 - Blooddrop Cap

40 - Switch
Opens the door next to you, and fireballs keep shooting at you from the other room. Avoid it.

41 - FalconSkyre

42 - Switch
Turns off the teleporter on the topside.
This way you can reach the area containing the treasure chest.

43 - Treasure Chest
Requires Lockpick
Contains: Plate Gauntlets, Darts (3)

44 - Ornate Room
You get teleported from pressing the secret button at 38 This room is filled with treasure monsters. Kill them and find the Ornate Key to open the gate and go back.

45 - Rock (1)

46 - Shield Potion, Ornate Key, Blooddrop Cap (2)

47 - Neck Chain, Broadhead Arrow (1)

48 - Shoes

49 - Energy Potion (1)

50 - Tattered Shirt

51 - Firebomb (1)

52 - Healing Potion

53 - Lock Picks (1)

54 - Torch

55 - Secret Button
Opens the moveable wall to the west.

56 - Crossbow Quarrel (3)

57 - Mirror Chestplate

58 - Shuriken (1)

59 - Shuriken (2)

60 - Secret Button
Opens wall behind you, Containing Bread, Cheese and a Torch.

61 - Path of the Eagle Puzzle
You need to get across the chasm while staying on the second level.

This puzzle is quite simple when you know what to do. Look down while standing on the second level and find the lowest trench. This is the path to follow to cross the room. We have indicated the path on the map using a green line.

Completing the path will close the door in the east and opens the door to the west. Preventing you from going back.

62 - Snail Figurine

63 - The Disguised Path Puzzle
This puzzle is similar to the Path of the Eagle Puzzle, but instead of following the lowest level of this room as a path, follow the clean pathway tiles instead of the dirty ones. We have indicated the path on the map using a yellow line.

Completing the path will close the door in the west and opens the door to the east. Allowing you to go back.

64 - Smoked Sea Bass

65 - Shuriken (3)

66 - Sign
The Crossing

67 - Pressure Plate
Activates Philosopher Stone.

68 - Skeleton Figurine

69 - Great Axe

70 - Power Gem

71 - Bear Pelt

72 - Scroll

73 - Crystal Flower

74 - Bread, Cheese (2), Torch

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