Legend of Grimrock II

Hamlet of Stormbreach

01 - Sign
Sewer Access East

02 - Turtle Egg (2)

03 - Turtle Egg (1)

04 - Healing Potion (1)

05 - Etherweed (1)

06 - Pellets (10)

07 - Button Puzzle
You need to press the buttons in a certain order.
If you press the button in the right order, you will hear a click. If you don't the process starts over.

The correct order is:
Right Left Middle Middle Right Left Left.

Upon completion, the door to with the secret treasure will open.

08 - Treasure Chest
Requires Lockpick
Contains: Tome of Energy, Note
The note contains the order in which to solve the Island Puzzle in the sewers at 41

09 - Statue Head
For every force there is an opposing force.
There are two sides to everything.
This duality permeates the whole universe

10 - Secret Button, Turtle Egg
Opens the door at 11, and unleashes an Ogre at you.

11 - Tome of Knowledge

12 - Mudwort (1)

13 - Sign, Blooddrop Cap (1)
~ Legend of Kilhagan ~

On his way to ascension Kilhagan roamed the island in search of the hidden shrine. A year passed and then ten. After a very long time did the old Kilhagan finally understand the nature of his error. The gate was revealed not by the most coplex but the most balanced spell of them all

This story refers to the balance spell, see the main walkthrough for more information about this.

14 - Sign, Hub keyhold
The Hub

15 - Sign
House of Braids

16 - Collapsed pathway, Blooddrop Cap
This is the other end of the collapsed hallway that you've seen in the Ruins of Desarune.

17 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

18 - Sign
Crystal Mines

According to the statue head at 47, you need to walk the way of the Snail. Meaning cross it very very slowly. Take at least 3 seconds to take the next step untill you reach the gate.

19 - Gold Key, Broadhead Arrow (3)

20 - Crystal of Life
When entering this room, you briefly see the island master light the Crystal of Life for you.

21 - Hub Key

22 - Throwing Axe (2)

23 - Orb of Vilson
A funny easter egg for those who recognise it.

24 - Sign
Sewer Access West

25 - Sign
House of Needles

Basically, there's a wave of needles going periodically from west to east.
Your goal is in the east where there are 3 doors leading to the power gem.
Along the maze, you need to lower the levers to open the doors.

26 - Lever
This lever will open the first door towards the Power Gem

27 - Lever
This lever will open the second door towards the Power Gem

28 - Lever
This lever will open the third door towards the Power Gem

29 - Spirit Mirror pendant

30 - Potion of Resurrection

31 - Statue Head, Anti venom (1)
I am the left eye. I saw where the meteor fell

32 - Lock Picks (1)

33 - Gold Key Lock
Opens the gold key room in the south of the house of Needles at 34

34 - Rogue Boots
Door opened with gold key at 33.

35 - Deadmoss (1)

36 - Greater Healing Potion (1)

37 - Greater Energy Potion (1)

38 - Power Gem

39 - Iron Key
You can get here by walking straight over the path

40 - House of Braids Puzzle
This puzzle works as follows: Every tile north, west, south and east of you will either open or close when you take a step. Sounds easy but may prove to be a difficult puzzle.
Fortunately we did this for you allready.

To pass this puzzle, follow the following steps or look at the map:
South, south, east, north, west, south, east, south, south, west, west, west, north, north, north, east, east, south, west, west, north, west, south, east, north, west, south, south, south, east, south.

Switch on the levers when you pass them.

41 - Maul

42 - Path towards the shrine of air.
This area can only be accessed through the sewers and taking the southern stairs upwards.

43 - Sign
Sewer Access South

44 - Statue Head
This is the elemental shrine of air.
Air is the rune of dexterity, storms and flight.
Northeast is whence the forces of air are strongest.

45 - Statue Head
Follow the footsteps of Kilhagan the Wise.

46 - Statue Head
Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element.

Not all of the gems lay under the skies, some of them are buried deep underground.

47 - Statue Head
If you wish to enter Crystal Mines, you must take the Way of the Snail

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