Legend of Grimrock II

Crystal Mine Entrance

Walkthrough will follow

01 - Secret Button

02 - Sack
Contains: Blooddrop Cap (4), Etherweed (1)

03 - Full Helmet

04 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

05 - Gold Keylock
Requires Gold Key
Opens the tile to the left containing:
Pellets (50), Cannon Ball (10)

06 - Gate Puzzle
This room has 9 pits and 4 buttons
The buttons will open/close every pit adjacent to the tile you stand on while pressing the button, even diagonal tiles.

The right order to cross is as follows:
South Button, East Button, walk north across the room to flip the button at 07 so the northwest gate will open, AND the southern door will open.
Press the western button and leave them in this position so you can always cross.

07 - Switch
opens/closes the northwest door, the northeast door and the southeast door.

08 - Mine Keyhole
Requires the mine key at 30 to open.

09 - Falconskyre

10 - Button
Extends the bridge towards the crystal of life.
Crossing the bridge, you will get attacked by flying squids and beholders, be careful.

11 - Pellets (10)

12 - Cannon Ball (5)

13 - Secret Button
Will extend the bridge towards the Shard of Protection at 14

14 - Shard of Protection
Picking up this shard will teleport you a secret room.
A room full of fire elementals and Ice guardians. Be prepared to fight.

15 - Secret Area
This area can only be reached when you pick up the shard of protection at 14, and get teleported here.

16 - Pellets (20)

17 - Poison Bomb (1)

18 - Broadhead Arrow (2)

19 - Fearless Puzzle, sign
Only the Fearless may pass

Notice that right before the door, is a pressure plate, this will open the door but it will also fire a fireball at you from behind that door. But notice that there's a receptacle behind you at 21. If the fireball hits this receptacle, all the pits will open and you are trapped or you'll fall down. So DON'T step away from the fireball. Be fearless! Take the hit, it will not harm you much, but it will teleport you onto the pressureplate. Past the open pits, allowing you to continue. As you continue on, you will see the island master in the distance, but he will vanish when you get closer.

20 - Spark Puzzle
Stepping on this pressureplate will cause a spark to fire from north to south. If it hits the receptacle at 21, the pits will close. But you cannot outrun this pressureplate by stepping on it.
You need to fire a tangible (not magic) projectile towards it from a distance, that gives you a head start.

21 - Receptacle
If shot by the spark fired from the pressureplate at 20, it will open the door on the left.

22 - Crystal Boots

23 - Scroll of Meteor Storm

24 - Lockpicks (1)

25 - Sign

The Philosopher stones in the western room mimic the location of the forcefields in the eastern room.

27 - Button
Resets the positions of the stones.

28 - Button
Opens/closes the doors in this room, allowing you to reach the switch at 29 (if you cleared the path properly)

29 - Switch
Opens the door at 30

30 - Mine Key
Use in Mine Keyhole at 08

31 - Smoked Sea Bass

32 - Blackmoss (1)

33 - Sack
Contains: Salted Sausage, Antivenom (2), Torch

34 - Secret Button
Raises the bridge closeby, indicated on the map, leading to the treasure chest at 35

35 - Treasure Chest
Contains: Meteor Gauntlet
Requires Lockpick

36 - Crossbow, Crossbow Quarrel (3)

37 - Cannonball (5)

38 - Energy Potion (1)

39 - Blackmoss (1), Pellets (10)

40 - Recipe
The most powerful potions contain the power of the crystals.

41 - Descend here
Jump down here for the Crystal Greaves and Lockpicks (1).

42 - Salted Sausage, Speed Potion (1)

43 - Power Gem Room
This area is only accessible from the Core.

44 - Power Gem

45 - Switch
Raises a magical bridge going east.

46 - Gold Keyroom
Contains: Repeater
Opened by Gold Key.

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