Legend of Grimrock II

Wormbound Catacombs

Cemetery Sublevel 1

01 - Crossing the Bridge, Sign
The Bridge

It may seem easy to cross this bridge, but that's not how it seems. In fact, the way you cross it, will open the door for you.
In open to open the door, do the following:
- Start from the west side of the bridge
- fall down on the left side of the bridge
- turn left and walk under the bridge
- take the ladder up which leads back to the west side of the bridge
- fall down again on the left side of the bridge
- turn right and walk under the bridge
- climb up the ladder, back to the west side of the bridge.
- Now, cross the bridge so you're on the east side
- Face west
- Fall down on the left (south) part of the bridge
- Turn right (face north) and walk under the bridge
- climb up the ladder, back to the east side of the bridge
- Fall down on the left (south) part of the bridge
- Turn right (face north) and walk under the bridge
- climb up the ladder, back to the east side of the bridge
- Cross the bridge towards the west
- Turn and cross the bridge towards the east

In short: Go below the bridge but end up on your own side twice. Cross the bridge. Go twice below the bridge again. Cross the bridge back and forth.

02 - Skull keyhole
Requires Skull Key at 04

03 - Sign
Chamber of Xarant Wormbound.
Immortal champion of Nex.

04 - Xarant Wormbound - Bossfight
Pretty straightforward bossfight, make sure you crawl into a corner while fighting, so you cannot be attacked from the side by zombies.

05 - Skull key
Use in Skull Keyhole at 02 to open the door.

06 - Gold Key storage
Room contains: Meteor Graves, Pellets (10)

07 - Crystal Shard of Healing

08 - Greater Healing Potion

09 - Sack
Contains: Blooddrop Cap (3)

10 - Huntsman cloak

11 - Throwing Axe (2) (lower level)

12 - Falconskyre(1) (lower level)

13 - Sign
With icycles from beneath, I strike at thee

Put the Ice guardian figurine into the alcove to disable the forcefield, allowing you to pick up the Tome of Water

14 - Sign
The Silver Scepter of Isochronos

15 - Shovel, Note
Where there is nowhere to hide from sunlight, the loneliest of all trees resides.
The missing limb will point you to the right direction. Just walk as far as the eye can see.

16 - Energy Potion

17 - Cheese

18 - Secret Button
Pressing this button will disable some of the teleporters, so the fireballs in this room hit the wall earlier, allowing a safer passage for you.

19 - Secret Button
Opens a bridge behind you briefly, make sure you run to cross it.

20 - Ice Guardian figurine
Place this at the alcove at 13

21 - Crystal Helmet

22 - Switch
Opens the door next to you.

23 - Crossbow Quarrel (3)

24 - Spark Puzzle
In this room, you will find a button on the top level and exactly below is a lever.
The button will fire a spark . The lever will switch which door is opened (north or south).
The south door has a teleporter that rotates the spark 180 degrees so it goes back north.
The north teleporter will rotate the spark 90 degrees to the left into the receptacle which opens the west gate.
How to do this:
- Go to the bottom floor to make sure the north gate is opened
- Go to the top and press the button
- Immediately walk backward (fall down) and forward and flip the switch. (so the spark passed the north gate, and it will open the south gate now)
- when you see the light of the spark coming towards you again, flip the switch again to open the north gate.
With careful timing, the west door will open.

25 - Blooddrop Cap

26 - Crystal Flower

27 - Zombie Pit
The inner room is full with zombies. There are levers on the walls that all need to be flipped. This enables the teleporter that leads back up and releases the power gem.
But in order to get there, you will need to clear the zombie pit first. Note that you will not be able to protect your sides, you will alway have a side where enemies can attack you.
Hint: use a force shield to block your side, so you can focus on attacking the enemy in front of you.
Flip all the switches in this room to open the gates to the Power Gem, the teleporter to bring you back on top of the ledge, and the doors towards the stairs leading to Orul's Crypt

28 - Crossbow Quarrel (1)

29 - Switch, Mudwort(1)

30 - Falconskyre (1)

31 - Mudwort(1)

32 - Full Helmet

33 - Cannonball (5)

34 - Switch
Flip it

35 - Switch
Flip it

36 - Switch
Flip it

37 - Power Gem (lower level)

38 - Sign
These catacombs were built as the final resting place for the Wormbound family who, for countless generations, acted as envoys and ambassadors between the dragons and the other sentient species of the realm.

The long lasting truce was broken when Xarant and Orul Wormbound stole an egg from the nest and escaped to the Isle of Nex with the hatchling on board their airship.

The master rarely grants wishes, but for their great services, he granted the Wormbounds the gift of immortality.

39 - Switch
Opens the door on your left

40 - Crystal of Life
Stepping into this room will cause the 2 movable walls in the room behind you to open up and releasing 2 packs of 2 ancient skeletons to step into the room behind you.

41 - Lightningbomb(2), Mudwort(1)

42 - Secret Button
Opens the movable wall on your right.

43 - Tribal Spear

44 - Chest
Contains: Blooddrop Cap (2), Hardstone Bracelet

45 - Legplates

46 - Pellets (10)

47 - Lockpicks (1) (lower level)
There's an ancient skeleton waiting for you here that can give you a scare because you cannot see him before falling down.

48 - Pressureplate Puzzle
You will need to mimic what's on the other side of the plates. Meaning you need to put an item on the 2nd, 4th and 5th plate, and the door to the backside will open. Note: if you take an item from the backside, the door will close, so you need to put a replacement item there.

49 - Crossbow

50 - Frostbomb (1)

51 - Full Helmet

52 - Flail (lower level)

53 - Scroll
and under
and over
and all over again
and over

These are the instructions to cross the bridge at 01
Picking up this scroll will open up the doors behind you, releasing 2 ancient skeletons at you, but allowing you to return to the center of the map.

54 - Realtime Puzzle
It's very difficult to see how this puzzle works, but once you know, it's easy. You will see pits in a circle around you, all are open except for one. You may have seen them move at one point, but not sure what triggers it. Well, time triggers it. The closed pit resembles the pointer of an hourglass, and the time it indicates is the time in the game. If you have the Time Piece, you can rest until it's 6 o'clock to get the Gear Key. And then rest till noon or midnight and the closed pit will allow you to cross into the next room.

55 - Gear Key
Opens door for Gear Keyhole at 56

56 - Gear Keyhole
Requires Gear Key at 55

57 - Bane
Picking up Bane will cause all the walls in this room and the adjacent room to open. Each wall contains a Rock Golem in this room, and a Fire Elemental in the other room.
Fighting the fire elementals is impossible, they just deal a huge blow to you once, you can probably not survive all four, so the best tactic is to drop down through the pits and regain your strength.

58 - Pitfall room
You fell here from the Cemetery level for the Pit & Rotation Puzzle

59 - Pit fall roomr
You fell here from the Cemetery level for the Pit & Sparkle Puzzle
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