Legend of Grimrock II

Power gems

Powergems are needed to fuse together to create elemental essences.

Each essence requires four power gems to be completed, and you need 4 essences to enter the castle.

This means you need 16 powergems

If you wish to create the 5th essence (the essence of balance) you need another 4 powergems, totalling to 20.

There is an exact total of 20 powergems in the game. If you want to build the 5th essence, you cannot miss a single one.

Here are the locations to the powergems:

- Shipwreck Beach at 44
- Twigroot Forest at 23
- Twigroot Tunnels at 32
- Twigroot Tunnels at 62
- Forgotten River at 48
- Keelbreach Bog at 24
- Keelbreach Bog at 29
- Herder's Den at 20
- Ruins of Desarune at 50
- Lexiconary at 70
- Cemetery at 36
- Wormbound Catacombs at 37
- Orul's Crypt at 41
- Tomb of Rites at 34
- Barren Desert dropped from a magma monster
- Hamlet of Stormbreach at 38
- Sewers at 29
- Crystal Mine Entrance at 44
- Crystal Mine Abyss at 24
- Castle Rooftop drops from Lindworm
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