Legend of Grimrock II

Barren Desert

The Barren Desert is full of mummies and 2 giant magma monsters. Killing the first magma monster will give you a Power Gem, killing the second will give you the Meteor Plate and a gold key.
To survive the desert monsters, find a place where you have 3 walls on your sides and back, so you only have to focus on the front. Using the meteor storm spell for groups of 4 mummies and using melee attacks for single mummies seemed like a good balance.
You cannot attack the Magma monster with fire damage, we have not tried any other magic, but found that the Ancient claymore can do a lot of damage on him when doing the special attack.

01 - Pellets (10)

02 - Crystal Flower (1)

03 - Scaled Cloak

04 - Statue Head
You have been mislead. Not everything is composed of four sides. Six is the most powerful figure.

05 - Plate Greaves, Energy Potion

06 - Falconskyre (1)

07 - Falconskyre (2)

The way to ascension leads through the hidden fifth shrine.

09 - Serpent Blade
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