Legend of Grimrock II

Herder's Den

Keelbreach Bog Sublevel 1

01 - Mine Keyhole
For the gate at 02
Mine Key located in Treasure Chest at 08

02 - Gate
Opened by using Mine key at 01

03 - FalconSkyre (1)

04 - Secret button
Opens gate at 05.

05 - Gate
Opened by secret button at 04.

06 - Iron Basinet, Antivenom (1)

07 - Pickaxe

08 - Treasure Chest
Contains: Battle Axe, Map, Mine Key (used in Mine keyhole at 01)

09 - Sign
"Runemasters trial"
Runemasters Trial Puzzle
If you look at the east wall, you see a spell flying through the room frequently. It's your job to press the pressure plates in the way you would cast the spells in the game. If you see a fireball, put items on the pressure plates so it resembles the spell to cast a fireball. You will find the spell combinations on our map. Please note that the spells are relative to the map.
Do this 3 times until the gate opens, and no more spells are being cast.

10 - Timepiece, Crystal of Life.

11 - Herder's Den Boss event.
Step through this gate and it will close untill you have defeated all the tendrils of the Herder's Den Boss. Avoid poison clouds from the several creatures that are around.
Clear the tendrils as fast as you can to prevent more creatures from being spawned.

12 - Pellets (10)

13 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

14 - Skull

15 - Mudwort (1)

16 - Blackmoss (1)

17 - Sack
Contains: Fire Bomb (3), Crystal Shard of Healing (1), Hub Key.

18 - Lock Picks (1)

19 - Sack, Sign
Sack contains: Recipe: Transmuter's Potion, Mudwort (1), Etherweed (1)
Sign reads:
- Legends of Kilhagan -

With his ship lost and his crew perished, Kilhagan had ceased to be a pilot. Alone, hopeless and utterly lost he almost ended his life at this spot. But then came the rage and with it a new purpose for his existence: revenge.

20 - Power Gem

21 - Mudwort

22 - Serpent Staff

23 - Bread

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