Legend of Grimrock II


Crystal Mine

01 - The Abyss
This area can only be reached by falling or climbing down from the Core (or if you're unlucky from the entrance).

02 - Switch
Opens the door to the teleporter that leads back up.

03 - Wooden Box
Contains: Blooddrop Cap (2), Falconskyre (2), Etherweed (2)

04 - Statue Head
The twenty power gems lie on the path to enlightenment.

05 - Falonskyre (1)

06 - Crystal of Life

07 - Crystal Flower

08 - Mudroot

09 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

10 - Sign
Power Me Up

This sign tells you to fire a lightning bolt into the receptacle. This will cause a spark to fire towards the receptacle, so move out of it's path and the door at 11 will open.

11 - Mine Key
Opens the Mine door at 13
To reach this key, first solve the Power Me Up puzzle at 10

12 - Broadhead Arrow (2)

13 - Mine Keyhold
Use the Mine Key found at 11 to open this door.

14 - Antivenom (1)

15 - Sign
Forge of the Fallen Stars

Have you noticed the statueheads outside that talked about that they saw where the meteor fell? draw a straight line in the direction they are facing, draw the line so they cross several maps until they cross eachother.
There where they cross, dig for treasure and you will find the meteor.
Place it onto the altar here and get a strong new weapon.

16 - Lightning Bomb (3)

17 - Lightning Blade

18 - Secret Button
Opens the movable wall in the north

19 - Crystal Flower, Crystal Shard of Healing, Statue Head
The master holds the key to all mysteries

Meaning that the island master drops the key that opens every lock inside the game.

20 - Pitroot Bread

21 - Note
Watch your step

If you cross the middle of this forcefield, it will shut off, unleasing the monsters inside.

22 - Gold Key

23 - Button
This button enables/disables the forcefield again.

24 - Power Gem

25 - Pitfall room
You can only access this area by going down the pits from the core at 13

26 - Secret Button
Opens the door to the north

27 - Archmage's Loafers, Crystal Shard of Healing

28 - Switch
Opens the door to the teleporter
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