Legend of Grimrock II

Forgotten River

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01 - Locked Treasure
Contains: Thraelm Tribal Chestplate, Torch.

02 - Inscribed Stone
And with a keen eye and a sharp aim, they entered...

Throw something on the slab while standing at 03.

03 - Stand here
Place to throw something on the pressure plate. Face west. This opens the gate at 04.

04 - Gate opened by throwing something on the pressure plate at 05.

05 - Pressure Plate
Opens gate at 04

06 - Shrine of Entanglement Puzzle
Shrine of Entanglement

The goal is to cross the room to reach the other side, but also, the pressure plates will cycle through settings that raise and lower gates. On the other end of the room, you will have to press the button which fires sparks into the receptacles on the other end of the room. These sparks must not be interrupted by a raised gate. Set the gates so that you were able to cross the room and then make sure the gates are lowered in a way that the sparks can freely travel across the room into the receptacle. This will disable the teleporters briefly so you can travel through.

One way to move is as follows:
Start at the pressure plate on the right.
Move back and onto the one in the middle.
Move left and walk onto the plate in front of you.
Move right onto the pressure plate
Move forward, left and backwards onto the pressure plate.
Press the button to get rid of the teleporter momentarilty and move through.

07 - Leather Boots

08 - Button
activates shooting sparks into the receptacles on the other side, disabling the teleporter momentarily.

09 - Secret button on the wall. Activates teleporter

10 and 11 - *no longer used with new map*

12 - Secret Button, Cheese
Pressing this button will open the wall at 60 briefly, allowing you access to the path to the summoning ritual.

13 - Lever
Opens the gate to the treasure chest.

14 - Treasure chest.
Requires lockpick
Contains: Rogue Gloves, Thraelm Tribal Legplates

15 - Long Sword, Healing Potion (1), Scroll of invisibility

16 - Skull, Blooddrop Cap (1)

17 - Etherweed (1)

18 - Broadhead Arrow (3), Short Bow

19 - Crystal of Life

20 - Secret Button
Opens gate in east wall of this room.

21 - *No longer used with new map*

22 - FalconSkyre (1)

23 - Treasure Chest
Requires lockpick
Contains: Rogue Hood, Fire Bomb (1)

24 - *No longer used with new map*

25 - Lever
Opens gate on the right

26 - Pressure plate
Opens wooden gate in front of you.

27 - Sign
the Cache

28 - Secret Treasure
use shovel to discover
Contains: Reed Sabatons, Cheese, Shuriken (3)

29 - Castle Entrance
You need to put 4 essences (Essence of Fire, Essence of Earth, Essence of Water and the Essence of Air), and put them in the correct statue.

30 - Lock Picks (1), Leather gloves.

31 - Sign
the Hub

32 - Gold Keyhole
Opens the forcefield at 33.
Requires gold key

33 - Forcefield
Opened by Gold Key at 32.
Contains: Nectarbranch Wand.

34 - Warhammer

35 - Lever, Smoked Sea Bass, Pellets (10)
Opens the door on the island next to it to allow you to cross the river from both sides

37 - Horned Fruit

38 - Sign
N: Sleet Island
W: Twigroot Forest
S: Keelbreach Bog

39 - Lizard on a stick

40 - Sign
Shrine of Pain.

Watch how the spikes go and quickly flip the lever at 41 and go back. This opens the gate at in the east. Run again through the gate.

41 - Lever
Opens the gate in the east

42 - *No longer used with new map*

43 - Letter
Oh I'm so sorry! I'm hopeful that my little trap only broke a few bones and you are still able to proceed on your heroic journey.
The Island Master.

44 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

45 - Pressure plate
Opens wall next to you.

46 - Entrance to Sleet Island

47 - Tattered Cloak, Reed gauntlets

48 - Power Gem

49 - Crossbow Quarrel (2)

50 - Etherweed (1)

51 - Wooden Box
Contains: Gold Key, Leather Cuisse, Torch

52 - Etherweed (1)

53 - Etherweed (1)

54 - Horned Fruit

55 - Horned Fruit

56 - Lever
Opens gate at 57

57 - Gate
Opened by lever at 56
Contains: Reed Legmail, Frost Bombs (3)

58 - Etherweed (1)

59 - Energy Potion

60 - Movable Wall
This wall will open up when pressing the secret button at 12 allowing you access to the summoning ritual.
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