Legend of Grimrock II


Castle Nex level 5

We are using a 3D visualised map for the first part of the Void, because there are 5 different elevation levels, which are impossible to display on a 2D map.
The green bars are staircases, the purple tiles are magic bridges that can be activated by the buttons indicated on the map.
The red and blue arrows indicate where to jump down to get to a different area you couldn't reach otherwise

01 - Sack
Contains: Salted sausage, Bread, Borra

02 - Pellets (10)

03 - Cannonball (5)

04 - Sack
Contains: Blooddrop cap (4), Falconskyre (2), Etherweed (7)

05 - Button
Raises the magical bridge indicated on the map to allow you to get up another level

06 - Greater Health Potion

07 - Jump here
Jump down here as indicated on the map to allow you to reach the button one level lower.

08 - Button
Activates the bridge on the top level leading to the exit.

09 - Treasure Chest
Requires lockpick
Contains: Frostbomb (4), Firebomb (4)
Landing on this platform extends the bridge leading upward.

10 - Void Exit
You need to reach this area and continue on at the normal map.

11 - Crystal of Life

12 - Sickle Sword, Poison Bomb (3)

13 - Potion of resurrection (2)

14 - Scaled Cloak

15 - Pellets (20)

16 - Cannonball (5)

17 - Crossbow Quarrel (4)

18 - Greater Energy Potion (1)

19 - Button
Activates teleporter to bring you back to the ground floor of Castle Nex at 06

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