Legend of Grimrock II

Castle Nex

01 - Letter, Cursed Compass
My dearest visitor,

I would never have expected you to get this far. Very well, it is my duty to welcome my guests to my humble abode.

Meet me at the top of the castle.

The Island Master

02 - Sign
The Fifth Element

All matter in the universe is made from four basic elements, fire, earth, air and water.
Fire opposes water like air opposes earth.

But without a fifth spiritual element, there would be only void as all matter would fall apart when the four basic elements cancel eachother out.

We call the fifth element "balance" although perhaps the breaker of balance would be a more fitting name.

This sign again hints towards the creation of the 5th elemental essence: Balance.

03 - Sign
Creation Myth

For near an infinity the basic elements were in equilibruim and there was only void. Then came the spirits and the creation spell was cast.

With the spell the fifth element was created and thus the equilibruim of the elements was disrupted. The universe exploded into existence.

The spirits left but the words of the creation spell remained in the universe. Should they ever be lost, it would undo all creation. Hence the words of the creation spell are forever guarded in Nexus.

04 - Button (underwater)

05 - Treasure Chest
May be trapped
Contains: Greater Healing Potion, Postion of Strength, Potion of resurrection.

06 - Void teleporter
This area can be reached and opened from the Void at 19

07 - Gate
This gate requires the Master Key to open, the Master Key can be obtained by the battle at the Altar of Balance in the Trickster's Lair, which requires the Essence of Balance to activate.
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