Legend of Grimrock II

Ceremonial Chamber

Pyramid of Umas Level 3

01 - Falconskyre (1)

02 - Switch

03 - Lightning Bomb (2), Broadhead Arrow (1),

04 - Crystal Flower
Many Crystal Flowers here, it's recommended you use them for making strength/vitality/dexterity/willpower potions. You need your strength soon.

05 - Tomb Key Locks
This requires 2 Tomb Keys, one on each side.
This will open the teleporter to the Barren Desert Many zombies will walk in. Be sure to clear the ceremonial chamber before stepping into the teleporter, it takes a while to get back.

06 - Scroll of Darkbolt

07 - Pellets (10)

08 - Sign

The paintings on the wall depict the arrival of the 'gods' of the island.

09 - Huntsman cloak

10 - Sign

The paintings on the wall depict the betrayal of their gods, showing the enslavement of it's people.

11 - Frost Bomb (2), Cannonball (3)

12 - Rock (1)
Put the rock on the pressure plate to release the door on the other side.

13 - Bronze Brace

14 - Energy Potion

15 - Gear Necklace

16 - Meteor Legplate
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