Legend of Grimrock II

Tomb Underground

Pyramid of Umas Sublevel 1

01 - Teleporter
If you accidentilally fell into this area from

02 - Torch holder
Put torch in the holder to open the door at 02 and the door at 03

03 - Speed Potion, Torch, Crossbow Quarrel (3)

04 - Map

Refers to the chest that can be found on Sleet Island at 07

05 - Tomb Puzzle pitfall zone
You will fall in this area when you drop down during the Tomb Puzzle

06 - Note
Is my measuring cord cursed?
I go back and forth between this room and the one above but I can't get my measurements to match.
- Thaalpi the Surveyor

07 - Shuriken (2)

08 - Pitfall area
You fall down here from the last line of pits in the Tomb Puzzle, allowing you access to the secret area.

09 - Crystal Shard of Healing

10 - Treasure Chest
Requires Lockpick
Contains: Spirit walker pendant

11 - Switch
Opens the hidden walls, releasing some enemies, but you can now return back to the main rooms.

12 - Pitfall Room
Only reachable by falling into a pit from the Tomb of the Guardian in the Pyramid of Umas

13 - Mole Jerky

14 - Secret Area, Potion of Willpower, Poison Bomb (3)
The door to this area is opened by dropping an item onto the closed pit in the Tomb of the Guardian in the Pyramid of Umas and solving the puzzle on how to solve it. That will drop an item on the pressure plate, opening the door.

15 - Pitfall Room
Only accessible from the Pyramid of Umas at 22
Press the switch at 19 This will open the gate you can access when you drop down on the other side from the Pyramid of Umas at 23

16 - Broadhead Arrow (1)

17 - Antivenom

18 - Short Bow

19 - Switch

20 - Pitfall Room - Other side
Only accessible from the Pyramid of Umas at 23
The switch needs to be flipped on the other side first if you haven't done so.
If you haven't go back and drop down at the Pyramid of Umas at 22 and flip the switch and then come back. Make sure to pick up the Gold key and go on through the teleporter in the middle of this area.

21 - Gold Key

22 - Button
Contrary to what you will think, this button does noet open the door, but opens 2 walls with enemies, and you can enter the main room through there.

23 - Health Potion

24 - Lock Picks

25 - Tome of Air

26 - Antivenom
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