Legend of Grimrock II

Twisted Passage

Castle Nex level 3

Enemies on this level: None

01 - Twisted Passage
The Twisted Passage is a really weird and random area. There are hidden teleporters that change position by your every move, teleporting you back here.
The only way to navigate here properly is by equipping the cursed compass found in Castle Nex at 01
The compass will point to an teleporter close to you. If the compass points forward, that means there's right one in front of you and you will have to change your path.
We cannot write down a path on the map for you because it changes every time. It's up to you to read your compass right.

02 - Sack
Contains: Bread, Horned Fruit, Baked Maggot, Burrow Rat Shank

03 - Crystal of Life
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