Legend of Grimrock II

Tricksters Lair

Forgotten River Sublevel 2

Trickster's Lair, Crystal of Life
Congratulations, you made it to the last map you will have to explore. Not even every adventure will make it here, they may have left the game already, thinking they finished it. But the real adventurer will stay and find out everything of the game first!

This is the Trickster's Lair, you have encountered him many times ago, but he always got away.

In this area, you will not encounter any enemies yet, or traps, and there's nothing to be found except for the altar.

Altar of Balance
You may have noticed that this altar looks exactly like the altars in front, but it has the balance rune on it. It requires the Essence of Balance to be placed on top of it. You can create the Essence of Balance by going to the center of the Essence altars in front of Castle Nex and cast the symbol that's carved into this altar here.

Placing the Essence of Balance onto this Altar will trigger the True final Battle.
The Trickster will appear and he will use everything he has against you, fireballs, needlepits, be very careful of your surroundings.
If you manage to defeat him, he will show his true self, and it turns out that he is the Island Master in disguise. You will now have to fight him in his true form, that shadow that's been hunting you for a long time.
He has the ability to mirror himself into duplicates, each one of them uses a different school of magic, but they share the same healthpool.
Keep in mind that, for example, you cannot attack his fire mirror image with firespells.

Once he dies, he will drop 3 items:
- Master Key (this opens every door in the game, including golden locks)
- Wizard's Virge
- His Testament

Island Master's Testament

Eons ago when the world was still new but intelligence had born, the ancestor spirits determined their work in this world was done. Before leaving this world they gave the words of creation to the people and among them to the first guardian of Nexus.

For the entire history of the world the words have been kept in several secret places, always guarded by uninterrupted chain of guardians. When the previous guardian got weak and tired, a new one stepped up. But how to choose a strong and wise successor for this monumental task?

Five thousand years ago my predecessors found the Isle of Nex and determined it to be the safest place on earth to keep the words of creation. A series of trials were invented to test the physical and mental abilities of randomly chosen individuals. Since then countless men and women have been tested by the trials of the island and now my time has come to step aside.

I congratulate you for passing the final test. You are now ready to enter Nexus.

Jonandar of Malan Yera
Island Master 1325-1487

Congratulations, you just inherited Castle Nex, and the key to open the gate to see the true ending.
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