Legend of Grimrock II


01 - Gate Puzzle
As the statue head at 11 indicated, the solution to this puzzle is found in the archives at 25
You will find 3 letters there pointing: North, West, South, North and North. S, in order to open the gate, move the block in the directions given, but after each direction, push the block back to the center, so:
- North and back to center
- West and back to center
- South and back to center
- North and back to center
- North and back to center

02 - Grave
Pummelface the Stonemason
Born in the frozen tundras of the north.
Lived a long life and died on Nex.

No treasure buried (just a zombie).

03 - Grave
Tarael Felltree
Brought here by the ships from Nothampton. A worthy servant to the master

No treasure buried (just a zombie).

04 - Crystal Flower

05 - Grave
Three unknown slaves were laid to rest here. Freedom at last!

Buried treasure: Antivenom (1)

06 - Treasure Chest
Requires Lockpick
Contains: Pellets (30)

07 - Statue head
Knowledge flourishes on the island. Decay and death have fed its growth

08 - Grave
Canmon the Ironwill
A sage and an engineer.
May his towers never fall.

Buried treasure: Antivenom (1)

09 - Gold lock
Requires Gold Key
Unlocks Boneblade

10 - Boneblade
Requires Gold key to access.

11 - Statue head
The orders came and the gates closed.
The answers were sealed in the Archives.

12 - Hub key gate
Requires cemetery hub key

13 - Hub teleporter
Teleports you to and from the Hub

14 - Grave
Canmon the Ironwill
Erhep the Master Carpenter rests here.

Buried treasuer Healing potion (1)

15 - Grave
Haaro the Scribe
The esteemed writer of the Annals of Theraen I-VII.

No buried treasue but an angry zombie

16 - Blooddrop Cap

17 - Broadhead arrow (2)

18 - Grave
Ludiar Munmunfar
A slave from Uttermost.
A blacksmith like no other.

Buried Treasure: Leather Gloves

19 - Shovel, Smoked Sea Bass

20 - Falconskyre

21 - Grave
Jakon Riddle
Banished from Etolla, the famous puzzlewright traveled to the Tavern of Wyrmflight to start a new life.
Efforts were in vain for in the inn he was slain, by the river of Eel near the town of Needle.

No buried treasue but an angry zombie

22 - Grave
Rangel Fjordwalker
He might have been spared of this fate if his promises were as strong as his back.

Buried Treasure: Skull

23 - Grave
He refused to die.

Buried Treasure: Sack, containing Bread, Cheese, Burrow Rat Shank

24 - Trenches
Entering the trenches causes 3 zombies to appear from the ground.

25 - Sack
Contains: Bread (2), Horned Fruit

26 - Teleporter/Gate Puzzle
In order to open the gate to the east, you need to step on the plate and throw an item into the gate that opens. The opening of the gate seems random and you need to be successful with all 3 teleporters at once. If you fail, the items you've thrown will be returned on the square behind you.
Best way to solve this is to look to the middle gate (the one in the north) and make sure your speakers or headphones are set up in stereo, so you can hear the gate opening on the left or right, so you can easily make the turn.

27 - Grave, Blackmoss(1)
Ronar Riddle
Hallowed woods of Arn Awen claimed another victim.
Remaining puzzles designed by him were lost in the burned library of Ormund

Buried Treasure: Sack, containing Bread, Cheese, Burrow Rat Shank

28 - Recipe: Necromancer's Potion

29 - Statue head
Every night the silent one sees something. Look where he looks and be patient.

30 - Grave
An unknown shaman lies here.
Swept on the shore by the waves. Too weak to talk but powerful enough to curse us all.

Buried Treasure: Frost Bomb (1)

31 - Grave
An obedient servant.
Never spoke a word.

Buried Treasure: Pellets (8)

32 - Grave
Miriel Riddle
Ended her life in the Red Hills in the town of Ediamon.
Puzzles and mysteries meant everything to her.

No buried treasue but an angry zombie

33 - Rotating pit puzzle
The buttons make the closed (safe) pit move once in a clockwise direction.
There are 2 of these closed pits, it's impossible to identify them by looking at them, only by flipping the switch you see which one moves.
The key to understanding how the pits move is as follows: the switches in the west control one pit, the switches in the east control the other pit.
If you have to make the switch while standing on a pit, make sure you're not standing on a pit that's moved by that side.

34 - Grave
Basahn of Xafi
Exiled from the Tomb.

No buried treasue but an angry zombie

35 - Switch
This switch does 2 things, it opens the gate to the Power Gem and below in the Wormbound Catacombs, where you fall down into from these pits, it will close the open door to the teleporter on one side and on the other side, it will open it. So you need to do this puzzle again from the other side, and you can't cheat by just dropping down the pits and taking the elevator back up.

36 - Power Gem

37 - Sack, Falconskyre
Sack contains: Scroll of Lightning Bold, Antidote, Hub key

38 - Sign
The Hub.

39 - Pressureplate puzzle
Pressing the button in the east will cause a spark to fly from east to west on the other side of the pite. It will need to fly into the receptacle. There are big urns in the way that need to be destroyed. Fire ranged weapons at them or spells.
There's one set of urns you cannot reach.
For this there is the pressure plate. This switches the teleporters.
Stand to the right of the pressureplate
Across is where the teleporter would be if the plate is pressed.
Fire a projectile to it, quickly step onto the pressure plate, so the projectile flies into the teleporter making it turn to the left.
Quickly step off the teleporter to turn the other teleporter on. The projectile will again change direction, into the last urns. Repeat this if the urns aren't destroyed yet.
Once destroyed, press the button and one pit will close so you can pass.

40 - Ethereal Blade

41 - Skull, Note
Entering this tile will cause a zombie to rise from the dead behind you.
The note says:
There is a fountain with an ancient oak by its side. From the oak, take four steps to the east and then two steps to the south shall you stride. The treasure now lies beneath your feet.

42 - Gate to the Crypt

43 - Blackmoss

44 - Round Shield, Machete, Sign
~Legend of Kilhagan~

Trying as hard as he could Kilhagan could not avenge his crew. With time, and with the words of the stone philosophers echoing in his mind, he finally let his wrath go. In the following years, he gradually gained the illumination and he became a seeker of Nex.

45 - Entrance to Wormbound catacombs

46 - Exit from Orul's Crypt
Exit can only be opened from the inside.
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