Legend of Grimrock II

Flooded Dungeon

Sleet Island Sublevel 1

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Stepping into the flooded dungeon, you need to realise they are not kidding, the dungeon is under water. There are also 2 zarchtons, so remember to bring the Zarchton Harpoon, which you can find at the Treasure Chest in Sleet Island at 07 There are a few areas where you can climb up to breathe, memorise the map as good as you can so you can move as quickly underwater as necessary. Only do one thing at a time to prevent suffocation.
It's a relatively small map with some great rewards.

01 - Etherweed

02 - Button
This button opens the door indicated on the map

03 - Secret Button
This button opens the wall on the other side.

04 - Crystal Cuirass

05 - Sign
The Vault

06 - Gold Key

07 - Sign, Gold Keylock
The Glass Vault

Vault contains: 1 Potion of Dexterity, Spirit Mirror Pendant, Greater Energy Potion

08 - Sign, Gold Keylock
The Steel Vault

Vault contains: 1 cutlass, Shield of the Elements, Frost Bombs(3)

09 - Sign, Gold Keylock
The Golden Vault

Vault contains: Acolyte Staff

10 - Ring on a String, Note
Blasted. I was prepared to crack open one of the vaults but the key slipped from my hands.

There's no way I'm getting back to the zarchton infested waters!

The note refers to the gold key found at 06

Vault contains: Acolyte Staff

11 - Sign, Gold Keylock
The Floral Vault

Vault contains: Shaman's Cloak, Sack containing 3 falconskyre, 2 mudroot, 1 crystal flower

12 - Pitfall room
You land here when you take the Arquebus in Sleet Island at 09 The room is full of mummies. When the mummies are dead, you can teleport back.

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