Legend of Grimrock II

Twigroot Tunnels

Twigroot Forest Sublevel 1

01 - Pit Puzzle
Just throw an item on the plate on the other end of the pit, and the pit will close

02 - Tattered Cloak

03 - Iron Key
Use for Iron Keyhole #04

04 - Iron Keyhole
Needs Iron Key #03 to open

05 - Lizard on a Stick

06 - Treasure Chest
Contains: Round Key, Scroll of Ice Shards, Frost Bomb.
The round key is needed to open the round key gate in Twigroot Forest

08 - Secret Button
Opens a small alcove in the room with a skeleton inside. Once defeated, you will find a whitewood wand.

08 - Bread

09 - Appearance of the Island Master
You will briefly see the Island Masterappear, but when you approach him, he teleports away.

10 - Sign
There is no turning back

11 - Ratlings
You will encounter your first 2 Ratlings here. Fairly tough and fast.

12 - Scroll of Shield

13 - Leather Cap, Salted Sausage

14 - Pit trap
Stepping on the pressure plate will cause the pit behind it to open up, so you can not return where you came from.

15 - Secret button
Pressing the button will close the gate so you can advance into the dungeon.

16 - Sign
The Four Plagues

In order to solve this puzzle, you need to put certain items into all 4 the alcoves in this room. See the description of each alcove below.
When finished, the door will open.

17 - Sign

Put a healing potion in the alcove

18 - Sign

Put the Frostbite Necklace, Found in Twigroot Forest in the alcove

19 - Sign

Put food in the alcove

20 - Sign

Put a weapon in the alcove

21 - Spidersilk Robe, Potion of Willpower

22 - Blooddrop cap

23 - Pellets (10)

24 - Crystal of life

25 - First Leprechaun/Trickster encounter
You will first encounter a leprechaun here, but he will run away before you can touch him, don't worry, you'll get your chance.

26 - Brass Keyhole
You can find the Brass key at #50

27 - Sign
The Nest

The button to open the door is on the opposite side of the sign.
Yes, the sign means what it says, opening this door will put you into the rat's next. Expect many ratlings inside.

28 - Cudgel

29 - Mudwort

30 - Sign - Be quick puzzle
Be quick

The puzzle is a bit more tricky than it would seem. Pressing the button on the wall will trigger a poison cloud to be launched towards the door. Your instinct will tell you to run through the door as soon as it opens, but the pit will open first.
So, press the button, don't stand on the pit, wait for the pit to close again and then run through the door.

31 - Energy Potion

32 - Power Gem

33 - Button
Press this button to open the doors so you can leave the gem room. Pressing this button will open the door from which you came. Be mindful of the pit that opens and closes, so you don't fall in. You will notice that the gates that were closed before are now opened.

34 - Smoked Sea Bass (2)

35 - Salted Sausage, Turtle Egg

36 - Secret Button
Will open up a wall on your left hand side.

37 - Rogue Vest
38 - Sign
Philosopher's stone

39 - Philosopher's Stone Puzzle
Inside this room you will see your first Philosopher's stone. There are many more in the game. They can move over the plates they are on. These plates need to be powered in order to move the stone, much like an electro magnet. When the plates are powered they emit blue or orange light. As a rule of thumbs, orange light means it can trigger something, blue light means it does nothing.
First thing you need to do is enable the ground plates. Put an item on the pressure plate at #43
Then move the stone east so you can get in the room to the north.
Now, stand north of the stone (so the grate is between you and the stone). Push the stone again (through the grate).
Now stand east of the stone and push it onto the orange plate (west). The door at #47 will open.

40 - Machete

41 - Potion of Dexterity, Potion of Energy

42 - Bread

43 - Pressure Plate
Put an item on the pressure plate (through the gate) to activate the Philosopher's stone

44 - Secret Button
This will open up the wall to your right.

45 - Lockpicks (1)

46 - Leather Brigandine

47 - Door
This door opens when the philosopher's stone is put on the orange light.

48 - Secret Button
This button will open both walls on the east, allowing you to reach Potion of dexterity. There's a pack of 4 mummies inside, beware.

49 - Pellets (10)

50 - Brass Key, Blooddrop cap
Taking the key from the alcove will cause several walls to open up, allowing Ancient skeletons into the room. The gate to the teleporter will close, and can be opened with the button at #54

51 - Leather Pants

52 - Secret Button, Blowpipe, Dart (3)
Secret Button opens the wall to the east.

53 - Reed Helmet, Torch

54 - Button, Sack
Button opens the door to the teleporter.
Sack contains: Compass, Lockpick (1), Bread and Note.
The note says:
I had more equipment than I could carry so I buried some of it right between the two lanterns in eastern Twigroot Forest.

55 - Trapped!
Stepping on this plate will close the door behind you and a distant meniacal laugh will sound in the background.

56 - Levers
These levers will close/open the pit next to you.

57 - The Leprecaun
Remember that little stalker from earlier?
He's here again to haunt you. You will fight him here in this pit room. Beware, he will open pull every lever in this room if he can, it can open up pits so you can fall in, or he can open rooms and unleash some enemies that are held in that room.
You can't kill him yet, but he will vanish when he's had enough of you, leaving a Brass Key behind and a note saying:
The Trickster comes and goes but the pain stays.

58 - Quarterstaff

59 - Secret Button

60 - Secret Button

61 - Potion of Dexterity, Pellets (10)

62 - Power Gem

63 - Falconskyre

64 - Lever, Pellets (10)
Lever will open the gate in this room but also open a hidden room full of turtles. The room itself contains nothing useful.

65 - Brass keyhole
Requires the Brass Key found on The Leprecaun

66 - Lizard on a stick, Shuriken (2)

67 - Lever
Opens the wall back to the Crystal of Life

68 - Bread, Blooddrop Cap, Note.
Note says: I can see the shrine right beneath here. I wish I had packed more provisions...

69 - Secret Button, Scroll of Force Field, Recipe (Shield Potion)
Secret Button opens up the wall on the east side of this room.

70 - Reed Quirass

71 - Pellets (10)

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